Sunday, April 17, 2011

ONe LOve...

"You are the Light to makes me See, You are the Sun to warm my Soul, You are the Love to make me feel, You are the Rock to make me Roll, You are the Wings to teach me to Fly, You are the Piece of the Puzzle I've always been missing in my Life... (((♥))) Melanie
1) The Light to make me see (Sharon from Mind body and Soul)
2) Sun that warms my S
oul (My Sunnymate Dilyana.. .
3) Love that makes me feel (Louise from Unlimited for you too)
4) You are the Rock to make me Roll (Donnita from piq)
5) The wings to teach me to fly (Little Bird)
6) Missing Piece of the puzzle (Christina from Puzzle Pieces)

Thank you all for being such a wonderful inspiration to me through this amazing cosmic journey! Namaste'